Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If you take my iPod, I take your left ear!

When Royal Mail employees had the opportunity to increase productivity, they took it. Faced upon a board of stiff English men, and even stiffer English men look-a-like women, they were asked what it would take to get them to work just a wee bit harder. Of course, like most of us trying to get a new iPod, they suggested, well an iPod. Something to keep there minds busy while sorting through thousands of pieces of mail a day.

The result is, well, not surprising. I know I've seen it, and you as well... somebody that you work with always manages to fuck things up. Just a mental note, next time you are listening to the Brittney Spears remake of 'Opps... I did it again,' don't go running up to your boss, shoving your earbuds in their fat little head making them listen. Also, please don't sing out loud, especially the line that goes 'I'm not that.....' and that's where I stop.

I know that you are sitting at work, and I have respect for that. I don't want you to lose your iPod, let alone your computer. How would you make it through the day without continually checking

But staff are furious, and one worker, who did not wish to be named, said: "We're up in arms about the destruction of our beloved communal iPod."

Well no shit you are! The keywords here are "Beloved Communal iPod" I hope that we can use this as an example, please keep your mouth shut and don't sing out loud at work, and please keep the crappy Brittney Spears circa 2001 remakes at your house and off your damn "beloved communal iPod"

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Pancho Villa said...

We had a similar experience here at extrememustache, when the boys told me I had to quit playing my "life is a highway" 8track over the PA system. Fascists.